Recruiters, find the talent you need ! For which companies and recruiters ?
You represent a company, whatever the size, an association, a NGO ? You have vacancies or you are looking for good staff who have values learned during a career, whether long or short, serving the State and the Nation? Whatever your sector, CIVMIL specialises in the recruitment of ex-service personnel and Defence Ministry or Interior Ministry staff.
In choosing CIVMIL when recruiting, whether simply to source candidates or for a full recruitment process, you are opting for high standards, effectiveness, a people-centred approach, responsiveness and a return on investment.

Why is it a good choice to hire through our services ?
Opting for an ex-serviceman or woman or member of the police force, is a guarantee of real moral standards.

 • Honesty, standards, reliability, a work ethic, security: our candidates have moral fortitude and integrity.
 • Flexibility, availability, adaptability:  they know how to report back.
 • Ability to convince, a grasp of the language of action, teaching skills and sales: they adapt to all situations.
 • Organisational skills: they have a global vision of the mission.
 • Leadership: they have a real appetence for management.
 • Pushing themselves to the limit, taking initiatives: they are proactive.
 • The quality of their basic and advanced army training: They have a full intellectual and technical background.

For you as a business-owner, choosing an ex-serviceman or woman means choosing an efficient future employee, driven by deeply-held values and willing to commit to the growth of your company. With their combination of know-how and interpersonal skills, they will become a pillar of your organisation.

How do we support you ?
Candidates' CVs are selected using our expertise in the military world and its special traits. First, your future employee will have been briefed by us on the nature of the business world and the state-of-mind differences they may encounter, compared with their former work setting.
For this, we believe that encountering YOUR world is of prime importance. We take care to offer you profiles that meet the needs of YOUR business and vice versa. The recruitment process is the result of the convergence of your respective aspirations. For us, chance has no part to play.
As a solution provider, CIVIMIL has developed the resources to ensure that military personnel adapt to the civilian world: training with recognised organisations, personalised coaching...These components allow us to build the much talked about link between the civilian and military spheres.

Become a partner of this connection...

By calling on CIVIMIL, you are helping ex-army personnel to build a second career and consolidating the link between the army and the nation. CIVIMIL works for a growing network of ex-military personnel and military personnel wishing to discover new professional horizons. This network is growing daily and is made up of people who are skilled in their field and driven by the same motivation as when serving the nation in the first part of their careers.

More than 70 recruiters have already found a rare pearl with CIVIMIL, for instance :
  • DCNS support KSA, a subsidiary of the Thales group
  • GEOS group (Defense industry)
  • CORIANCE group
  • Ineo Defense, a subsidiary of the ENGIE group
  • GEPSA, a subsidiary of the ENGIE group
  • LE NOBLE AGE group, a network of private hospitals, retirement homes and establishments of Health
  • GESIPA, a leading World specialist of the riveting
  • Oc'Via Maintenance
  • RIWAL France

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