Discover our commitment, Uphold our values
Recruitment ISN'T just a business. Uphold our VALUES, think about PEOPLE.

The CIVIMIL adventure is where men and women meet with businesses on the look-out for hard and soft skills. Since 2011 we have been working hard to promote links between the civil and military spheres... Two worlds that might seem diametrically opposed. CIVIMIL is meeting the challenge of building a solid bridge between these two worlds. This link is the result of our commitments, commitments that you will find in the CIVIMIL charter.

Job seekers, our mission is to help you to write a new page in your employment history. Knowing where you come from makes it easier for us to listen to your aspirations, your desires and your personality. We guide you whilst allowing you TOTAL FREEDOM. This is how you will manage to find just the right place for youself, YOUR PLACE.
Businesses, we offer SENSIBLE, TAILORED advice: each position is researched on its own merits. We take into account your needs, your constraints and the moral standards you are looking for. It is not about placing a candidate at any cost.

Established in the Drôme department, in the Rhône-Alpes region of France, CIVIMIL has clients and job seekers across the country and worldwide. Because genuine relationships are what matter the most, we are always willing to travel to meet you. Knowing who we are speaking to, whether a candidate or a business, is an essential prerequisite when starting out on a long-term relationship based on TRUST.

Value the human resource
Candidates, your return to civilian life isn't just about a new career. It is a CONTINUATION of your experience. It is about making the most of your past by CAPITALISING on your professional experience, skills and personality. This maturity gained within the armed forces is a real asset to businesses. By presenting what sets the civilian world of work apart, particularly in administrative and legal terms, CIVIMIL gives you the missing piece of the jigsaw and opens up the path to new professional horizons.

Inspiring confidence
The relationship we build with each job-hunter and with our business clients is based on three core principles: authenticity, proximity and confidentiality. Our objective: Establishing links based on understanding, respect, sincerity and integrity, whatever the circumstances.
We treat all candidates equally, irrespective of age, gender, religion, philosophy or disability. Naturally we respect the ethics that govern our profession and the legalities of processing the personal data of candidates so as to prevent any possibility of discrimination. Any personal information shared with us, remains confidential unless prior permission is given.

Maintaining our support
Candidates, we are committed to supporting you THROUGHOUT the process. We are by your side to advise you and give you the right tools, from your first job search to your start in the company. If you would like us to, we can keep in touch even after the recruitment process.  
Businesses, the long-lasting nature of this relationship is what guarantees SUCCESSFUL ADAPTATION. The more targeted, thought-out and assisted your recruitment is, the better the results will be. An unquestionable saving of energy, time and money.

Because it is not always easy to accurately define your requirements, we are PROACTIVE in helping you to tailor your job search or application as closely as possible to your needs.  As talent spotters, we have a strong presence on social media and react quickly to guarantee a response that meets the demands of your schedule.

With the ending of military service (France), it has become essential to renew and STRENGTHEN the link with our armed forces. Beyond the recruitment process, CIVIMIL aims to infuse new meaning into the concept of patriotism and to help in maintaining a sense of belonging to the nation. Promoting the openness of the military to civilian society ensures the COHESION of the community and promotes citizenship.