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Service personnel and members of the armed forces, your values and skills are recognised and sought after!
Recruiters (...)


« After 10 years in the army, I wanted to take the leap and begin a civilian career. Like many, I was faced with the fear of the unknown, a lack of self-confidence and the feeling of not knowing what direction to take.
However behind these feelings a reality has risen: managers and human resources departments are encountering difficulties to find future employees with strong values which could be put at the service of their organization and of the other employees.

The creation of a recruitment agency specialising in helping service personnel and members of the armed forces to change career, seemed like an obvious choice: I was going to be able to undergo a change of career and apply my knowledge of these two worlds to both of them.

Through CIVIMIL, I want to promote this new type of recruitment, more respectful of people and human values. (...) »

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Uphold our values !

Recruitment ISN'T just a business. Our INVOLVEMENT : think about PEOPLE.

The CIVIMIL adventure is where men and women meet with businesses on the look-out for hard and soft skills. Since 2011 we have been working hard to promote links between the civil and military spheres...
Two worlds that might seem diametrically opposed. CIVIMIL is meeting the challenge of building a solid bridge between these two worlds. This link is the result of our commitments, commitments that you will find in the CIVIMIL charter. (...)

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ils témoignent

They are commited with you ! Here you cand find more details about the team behind CIVIMIL.
You only trust the experts ? That falls well !

Discover those who hide behind CIVIMIL. Ex-servicemen having crossed the bridge from the military world to the civil one, Alain and Pierre will be your ideal guides towards your new professional life...

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