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the Army and Business

CIVIMIL, we uncover talents ! Service personnel and members of the armed forces, your values and skills are recognised and sought after! Recruiters, within our manpower pool, you can find personnel for all your businesses or organisations, whatever their size or their activity sector.

After 10 years in the army, I wanted to take the leap and begin a civilian career. Like many, I was faced with the fear of the unknown, a lack of self-confidence and the feeling of not knowing what direction to take. However behind these feelings a reality has risen: managers and human resources departments are encountering difficulties to find future employees with strong values which could be put at the service of their organization and of the other employees.

The creation of a recruitment agency specialising in helping service personnel and members of the armed forces to change career, seemed like an obvious choice : I was going to be able to undergo a change of career and apply my knowledge of these two worlds to both of them.

Through CIVIMIL, I want to promote this new type of recruitment, more respectful of people and human values. Its only by sharing this impetus - already initiated by some - that we can implement benevolent management, able to reconcile personal development and performance in business.

In an era that is seeing a transformation of our lifestyles, the labour market and the awareness of corporate social responsibility, it is now time to shift our thinking towards sustainable social development in human resources, to take action in this area and to change mentalities.

Quite simply, let's get back to the respect for individuals and another, more authentic and less aggressive style of communication!

Let's give job hunters back their smile! Give them the chance to show the world of business that they can be of use and proud of their skills.

This recruitment agency helps men and women to regain self-confidence. Such a positive dynamic can only be of service to businesses looking to recruit staff, as their profitability is largely dependent on the commitment of their employees.

Here, people who have served in the armed forces or police will rediscover cohesion, service on behalf of others and fraternity, the defining values of their military service and which will be the source of their new commitment for their company. The people we have placed in the last 5 years are evidence of the extent to which their know-how and interpersonal skills are genuinely recognised.

Service personnel and members of the armed forces, there is a place for you in the civilian world of work after your career serving your country. Do not doubt your worth; your values and skills are recognised and sought after!

Company directors, managers, recruitment is a strategic challenge. Avoid the combat course and casting errors which could prove to be very expensive. Have confidence in CIVIMIL to find you the rare pearl who will meet your company needs both in human and professional terms. An employee who will quickly become an indispensable asset for the smooth running of your organization. '

Pierre Bredeau, CEO and founder of CIVIMIL